RPM Records believes in a sustainable future of vinyl record production. Our main purpose is to reduce pollution rates and production time while making premium quality records for vinyl addicts.


RPM Records’ pressing plant is devoted to the timeless vinyl record traditions. With increasing demands for vinyl records and industry needs for an improved turnaround/production time, we are dedicated to lift production standards with sustainable technology to a modern era. Therefore, our manufacturing operations will be a reflection of leading machinery on the market, employees committed to a deep understanding of record production methods, and environmental friendly practices in every form possible.


To achieve our ambitions of enhancing the vinyl record production, we have invested in the most innovative technology. Our machine continuously conducts reliable quality checks, generates the lowest pollution rates available, and produce the most efficient output.


The pressing machine WarmTone is characterised by Canadian expertise and know-how. Viryl Technologies have optimised the original vinyl record press with a cutting-edge and eco-friendly water cooling system, fully-automatic workflow mode, low PVC spill statistics, ground-breaking online interface, and a 20 second cycle time on a vinyl record.


A.D.A.P.T TM is an innovative platform that enables us to administer the finest quality checks in the record pressing industry. Our machines are able to pull data on every essential aspect in the pressing process and we share this information among Viryl Technologies’ engineers and clients.