Artwork templates and recommendations for the quality vinyl record production at RPM Records.


Before making your cover design, please consider the following:

All cover designs:

  • CMYK color;
  • 5mm bleed on the edges of the covers;
  • At least 300 dbi/ppi;
  • Exported as Acrobat 1.3 pdf;

All fonts need to be made into objects:

  • In Illustrator it is called “Create outline
  • In Photoshop it is called “Convert to shape
  • In InDesign it is called “Create outline

Lines and font sizes:

  • The thicknesses of lines have to be no less than 0.15 mm in the positive printing and 0.25 mm in the negative printing;
  • Line thickness for hot foil and embossing have to be at 0.35 mm;
  • Fonts should have a minimum size of 5pt for positive printing and at least 7pt for negative printing.


  • Black text and lines should be adjusted to overprint with CMYK backgrounds, for metallic and daylight colors there should be no overprint command;
  • In combination, the summary of all colors should not be higher then 280% for the ink coverage;
  • For deep black effects of 100% black you should under-layer the black with 50% cyan (100% black and 50% cyan);
  • White fonts on deep black in 1C should consist only of 2 colors, black (+ 50% cyan), not more.

Other requirements:

  • PDF 1:1, exported or distilled without scaling;
  • Colour export settings Fogra39
  • Partial varnish, hot foil or embossing on exact position in 100% with one color in a separate page or less;
  • Without visible cutting lines, folding lines and punching lines, instead – if necessary – cutting and folding marks;
  • Outside the bleed area – this is also binding for color bars;
  • Single placed and centered per page for multipart products, f. e. labels or booklets (single pages or imposed double pages) or similar.



7″ Thin cover (135 GSM) – Download here


7″ Thick cover (Has a space for inner sleeve – 280 GSM) –Download here


12″ Cover with 3mm spine – Download Here


12″ Cover without spine – Download here


12″ Cover with 4mm spine – Download here


12″ Discobag – Download here


12″ Gatefold with 7mm spine –Download here



7″ label – Download here


12″ label – Download here



30X30 cm Inserts –Download here

60X30 cm Inserts – Download here

Printed inner sleeves –Download here

4X3 cm Stickers –Download here

10X10 cm Stickers –Download here

*If you have ordered any other options we will send you the correct template.

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