An inevitable start for a great sounding record is always the quality of the program material. Down below you will find information about vinyl mastering, lacquer cutting, recommended playback times for 12-inch or 7-inch records. Please read audio requirements and recommendations carefully to ensure the high fidelity record pressing.

vinyl mastering


Vinyl as any other format has its own limitations. To make sure your music sounds great on a record, please comply with general mastering for vinyl standards:

  • Peak Level: < 0db
  • Low frequency cut at 10hz
  • Low frequencies below 250hz in mono
  • Be careful with extreme peaking above 16khz
  • No negative phase returns
  • Stereo width between  +0.5 and 1
  • File formatting:  .wav / .aif
  • Audio quality: 24bit; 44.1- 48Khz

Remember to master your music. Mastering for vinyl is essential to ensure the best quality of the record.


Loudness and frequency spectrum have a direct effect on playback times on a vinyl record. Extended playback times may results in the loss of low end, low volumes and poor quality. For the best quality results please keep your record sides up to 20 minutes.


  • 12″ 33 RPM – up to 22 minutes per side.
  • 12″ 45 RPM – up to 15 minutes per side.

33 or 45 RPM? – RPM is an abbreviation for “revolutions/rounds per minute”. This refers to the playback speed and directly affects length of a record. Please consult your mastering / cutting engineer for choosing the speed that is most suitable for your program material.


  • Please compress an audio folder using .zip extension before uploading.
  • Uploaded folder must contain individual audio files for each track named to index record sides, for example : A1-Name, A2-Name, B2-Name”.
  • If you require gaps between tracks please add silence in the end of each track for groove spacing.
  • Fill out the cue-sheet below and upload it together with the audio files.
  • Upload the audio and cue sheet to Dropbox, name it your Order Number and share it with us (the artwork has to be uploaded in the same folder).

Download: Cue Sheet


Mastering is essential for the vinyl format in order to avoid distortion, mechanical playback issues and generally to make the record sound as good as possible. If your music is not mastered, mastered for digital formats or if you need re-mastering, we highly recommend ordering professional mastering services with us.

  • Mastering from a variety of formats: CD, tape, DAT or digital files.
  • Converting a digital master to a vinyl pre-master.
  • Analog / digital in-depth mastering with high-end equipment.
  • Attended mastering and cutting session in Copenhagen.


If you are not quite sure about the mixing and mastering quality, we recommend ordering one copy reference cut on acetate. During this process a number of adjustments and improvements can take place before the high cost lacquer cutting / stamper production and test pressings have been ordered. Reference cut is an excellent and inexpensive way to learn about how your program material will translate to the vinyl format.

Reference cuts (per side)
Up to 16:00min – 700DKK / 95 EUR
Up to 20:00min – 790DKK / 110EUR
Up to 25:00min – 885DKK / 120EUR


We can press from both lacquer and DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) master plates. We will choose the best suitable cutting method depending on the program material and turnaround times. If you have a specific preference for cutting, would that be lacquer or DMM, please let us know when placing your order.

FOR ARTIST AND LABELS: We offer an attended master disc cutting session in Copenhagen.

Do you want to experience your music being cut on a lacquer disc and participate in the first step of vinyl manufacturing process? Book an attended  session with the cutting engineer when placing your order!

For all audio related queries please contact:

Learn More About Mastering For Vinyl And Record Pressing Learn More About Mastering For Vinyl And Record Pressing


A mastering and lacquer cutting studio in Nørrebro, Copenhagen run by Hari Kishore. Digital and analogue mastering for vinyl and lacquer cutting on Skully lathe from digital files or tapes.

UK’s leading vinyl record cutting and audio mastering houses known for being dance music specialists, house, techno roots reggae, working for the world’s leading artists and distributors which include Bob Marley, Jamie Jones, Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, Juno, Above Board, Abashanti and Rubadub, Warners, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Sinead O’Connor.

A long established vinyl mastering and lacquer cutting studio serving the music industry for more than twenty years. It is renowned for its exceptional quality and big open sound. The philosophy behind Exchange work is to maintain a simple, direct and clean signal path so that none of the original recording is destroyed. Each project is approached on an individual basis with the aim of respecting the original material.

A recording and mastering studio founded in 1979 is one of the most professional and experienced DMM cutting studios in the world using only state-of-art technology. Their vast portfolio include releases for Napalm Death, Joy Division, Frank Zappa, Zoviet France, Black Flag and New Order to name a few.

Recording, mastering and DMM cutting studios located in Cologne. With 30 years experience in mastering, and 20 years experience in DMM cutting, Railroad Tracks stands out with clean, clear and loud cuts for a variety of artists and record labels including Sony, Virgin, EMI and Universal to name a few.

One of a few newly established electroplating and stamper production laboratories, using the newest technology and years of expertise to produce stampers of the highest quality.

A recording, mixing, mastering and production studio in Greve, Greater Copenhagen run by Nicklas Sonne. The studio contains a drum booth, a vocal booth, high-end microphones and full assistance in recording, as well as professional mixing and mastering for vinyl and other formats.


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