Before making your cover design, please consider the following:

All cover designs should be:
– CMYK color- 5mm bleed in the edges of the covers
– At least 300dpi
– Exported as TIFF and PDF
– All fonts need to be made into objects
   —– In Illustrator it is called “Create outline”
  —– In Photoshop it is called “Convert to shape”
  —– In InDesign it is called “Create outline”

–  PDF 1: 1, exported or distilled without scaling

–  Partial varnish or hot foil or embossing on exact position in 100% with one color in a separate page or le

–  Without visible cutting lines, folding lines and punching lines, instead – if necessary – cutting and folding marks

outside the bleed area – this is also binding for color bars.

–  Single placed and centered per page for multipart products, f. e. labels or booklets (single pages or imposed double pages) or similar.


Line and font sizes

The thicknesses of lines have to be no less than 0.15 mm in the positive printing and 0.25 mm in the negative printing
Line thickness for hot foil and embossing have to be at 0.35 mm
Fonts should have a minimum size of 5pt for positive printing and at least 7pt for negative printing.



–  Black text and lines should be adjusted to overprint with CMYK backgrounds, for metallic and daylight colors there should be no overprint command

In combination, the summary of all colors should not be higher then 280% for the ink coverage

For deep black effects of 100% black you should underlayer the black with 50% cyan (100% black and 50% cyan)

White fonts on deep black in 1c should consist only of 2 colors, black (+ 50% cyan) not more