We all share responsibilities when it comes to taking care of the environment. It is up to us to make sure that sustainability is a part of our day-to-day lives. That is why we make sure to take every measure possible when it comes to recycling and reusing material used in the record production at RPM Records. In order to reduce plastic waste we offer environmentally friendly alternatives for record production, packaging and transportation.


The innovative design of the automatic vinyl record press Warm Tone from Viral Technologies allows a significant PVC waste cut, reduced energy consumption and quicker record pressing cycles compared to older presses – down to 35 percent less waste and 25 seconds to press a single record. RPM Records is also using a closed loop water cooling system that allows full recycling of water.


We recycle the majority of plastic waste and use it again to press records. Usually, the vinyl production leads to 20% excess plastic waste that we break, grind and blend it with virgin PVC. We also recycle every miss-pressed record and use it again in the production.

Additionally, we can press your records 100 percent recycled on request. While recycled plastic is more tricky to work with, we will evaluate possibilities on a project-to-project basis and will offer the most reasonable solutions.


We offer a variety of biodegradable, recycled and wood-free paper alternatives and plant based inks for all prints works or packaging. We use Tullis Russel center labels – the most environmentally friendly paper solution on the market.

We discourage our clients from ordering shrink wrap. Instead we offer plastic sleeve alternatives – a life-time protection from water damage, dirt or usual wear & tear.

We understand the need to seal a brand new record. For the mare sealing purposes we developed a biodegradable sticker alternative to keep records safe and mint in the original packaging.


We always choose most eco-friendly courier services in Denmark for delivering your orders. If you are a local client, we will deliver your test pressings with a carbon neutral bike messenger the same day.

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