• Our production time is 14 working days from receiving and approval of audio & artwork.

  • We understand the importance to comply with your deadlines.

  • Express orders are possible


*Please contact us if you have a special request.


We use press both from lacquer and DMM (Direct Metal Mastering).

DMM cutting is out standard. If you want your order to be made from lacquer please contact us and we will figure out the price and production time.


A special master is needed to press a vinyl. This is different from CD or Digital master. If you are in doubt, please consult a professional. We can provide a professional mastering engineer if needed or give you advice. Please contact us for further questions.

  • Digital, .wav 44,1Khz – 192Khz /16-32-64 Bit

  • Analogue, Tapes (1/2” or 1/4 ”)

  • Mp3 or similar are not recommended


Playing times
*Depending on the quality of your master it might be possible to exceed durations stated above.


We keep your stampers for up to two years for reproductions. This way you will save the cutting cost of your order, and we ensure to reach the same quality as the original production.

*We only reproduce from our own stampers.


We always recommend doing a Test Press.
We are using top of the line machinery, so if you deliver a good vinyl master, there should be no issues regarding the quality.
The test press is recommended to make sure the order of tracks are correct and vinyl plays as expected.

Nevertheless, it is an analogue media, and therefore very sensitive, which means errors sometimes occur. If there is a production problem with the stamper, we will notice this before we begin pressing your vinyl records. In that case, we will produce a new pair of stampers, free of charge of course. This can potentially result in extended delivery time. We will make sure to give notice if any problem should arise.

33 OR 45 RPM?

RPM is an abbreviation for “revolutions/rounds per minute”. This refers to the speed of your turntable. 45 RPM does have the best quality. However, it comes with the limitation of not being able to fit as many minutes as 33 RPM onto each side.

See the topic Playing Times for more info.


Every release needs to be registered at your countries copyright bureau. We require that your respective copyright bureau sends us the approval of your music before we start production. In Scandinavia, you need to contact NCB (Nordisk Copyright Bureau) and choose RPM Records as your manufacturer.

TIP: If some of the records produced are to be used as promos and giveaways, let your copyright bureau know so they wont charge you for these copies.


When your files are ready, you can share them with us in several ways.

The artwork should be uploaded in a .zip folder containing .pdf and Adobe files named after your musical project’s name.


Adobe files are preferred when uploading your artwork. If you do not have the Adobe package, you can download a 30-day free trial version here


We care about our products and are constantly making sure our boxes and shipping methods live up to your expectations and our own personal standards – both when it comes to the safety of the records and the delivery time to comply with your release date.

RPM Records ships worldwide. If you want to pick up your order yourself, you are welcome at our facility:

Priorparken 510

2605, Brøndby, Denmark.


Costumers outside of Denmark do not have to pay Danish VAT of 25% (not included on the website)

*If you are located in a non EU country you might be charged an importation tax from your local authority.


For all orders below 10.000,00 DKK (~1.340,00 EUR) we charge the full amount before the production.

For orders above 10.000,00 DKK (~1.340,00 EUR) the payment terms are 50% before the production and 50% before shipping.

*You will be invoiced when the order is placed.
**Payment happens through bank transfer.

Terms & Conditions

Here you will find RPM Records’ Terms & Conditions  Click Here to Download


You are very welcome to visit our showroom upon request. It is placed at Priorparken 510 – 2605 Brøndby. We’ll offer you some coffee and a tour of our premises.
We have samples of vinyl records, colours, covers, turntables and much more.
We look forward to your visit.

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