We do our utmost to create vinyl records in a way that is not polluting; that conserves energy and natural resources; that reduces hazardous waste and CO2 emissions in every step of the value chain. Here is how we do it:

Clean Ecofriendly Materials

We carefully select raw materials with minimum environmental impact. FSC certification ensures that paper products and packages made to ecofriendly standards. Hence, cardboard boxes, pallets, adhesive tape and bio film we use are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

In addition to PVC compound, we use bio-vinyl and recycled plastic in record production. Providing the same visual and audible quality as conventional plastic, bio vinyl is fossil-fuel free – reducing carbon emissions by 90%.

The raw materials we choose for production do not impede efficiency or quality of the final product. In turn, our customers value the finesse visual aesthetic of cover artwork and high definition sound on vinyl made sustainably.

Ecofriendly material selection:

  • FSC certified paper products
  • Wood-free and recycled paper
  • Plant-based vegan ink
  • Biodegradable stickers
  • Bio-vinyl and recycled plastic
  • Sugar cane bio film.
  • Paper adhesive tape

Circular Sustainable Production

Our circular production model follows three core principles: minimum waste, efficiency and quality. Therefore, we recycle 98% of plastic waste in production. Our water management system diminishes wastage and environmental impacts while re-using water continuously in record production.

The modern automatic thermo-molding press is energy efficient and faster compared to old presses. That allows consistent quality from the first to the last record, using less energy in less time.

We value skills and experience on the manufacturing floor. Thus, our production team is mindful of sustainability and operates at 95% success rate, minimum waste or re-work.

Sustainable production workflow:

  • Automatization and high efficiency
  • Smart, innovative technology
  • Recycling and minimum waste
  • Energy conservation
  • Experienced workforce
  • Continuous Learning

Carbon Neutral Modern Value Chain

We take pride in working with responsible suppliers that take an extra step towards the sustainable future. A continual development in energy conservation, recycling and water management is the core strategy of RPM’s supply chain.

Our paper production operates 100% carbon neutral. The research and development in sustainable paper making allow our customers to enjoy high quality artwork on wood-free or recycled paper. Furthermore, Danish green energy infrastructure makes it possible to produce premium quality records entirely on wind power.

The modern electroplating facility ensures safe management of hazardous waste.This is crucial as industrial wastewater contains toxic elements that are harmful and must be appropriately removed.

We are sensitive to the carbon footprint of logistics and transportation. Thus, our road freight is zero emissions, driven by electric vehicles in the Nordic region and EU.

Traits of responsible value chain:

  • Safe management of hazardous waste
  • Green energy infrastructure
  • Zero emission logistics
  • Continuous investment in sustainability
  • Carbon neutral operation