Current Estimated Production Time: 3-4 months
in Total Incl. Test Pressing*

Last updated: 31st January 2023

We are currently taking Express orders, which means you can get your records in 2 months!

The express fee is an additional 3.000 DKK for orders of below 1.000 records.

Contact us at for more information. 

Fanney Kristjáns Snjólaugardóttir
Fanney Kristjáns Snjólaugardóttir
RPM Records printed the vinyl album Bleed´n Blend for me. All comunications were good and they were very helpful and reliable. The quality of the vinyl and the printing of the cover was exelent. I recommend them for independant artists like me 🫶🏻
Roadkill BBQ
Roadkill BBQ
Thank you guys for the great work! Reasonable prices also for small batches, and a maximum of both customer support and vinyl quality! 5 stars are not enough!!
Per Ole Bratset
Per Ole Bratset
I'm in a norwegian band. We had RPM press our record as they had short lead times and fair prices. We are very pleasantly surprised. Great work! Super easy to communicate during the process too! Very helpful with shipping options for our distributor in the US. RPM is really great! Highly recommended!!!!
Stina Künstlicher
Stina Künstlicher
Awesome, nice and fast. I'm really happy with the sound and look of my vinyl records!
Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones
Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones
I ordered my vinyls in September ’21. I was aware of the fact that the waiting time for vinyls was exceptionally long and had prepared to see my order delivered no earlier than February. Straight from the get-go I noticed that RPM offered first-class customer service. Communication was clear all the time and I felt as if my order was being taken care of in the best possible way. My first surprise came when I was informed that my test pressings were ready to be delivered already after a month or so. Shipping was quick and the test pressings sounded absolutely great. I gave a green light and expected to see the finished product in 3–4 months. Lo and behold, a few weeks before Xmas I get an email saying they’re ready to be delivered! The final product is amazing, the printing is super high quality and the red transparent vinyl looks and sounds absolutely great. I am more than satisfied with my order and will be sure to use RPM Records again the next time. I warmly recommend working with them. Marco, Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones
Apocalyptic Empire Records
Apocalyptic Empire Records
Very professional and perfectly executed vinyl pressing. We have released LP's for 25 years now and worked with many different pressing plants and RPM Records is one of the best. Easy and fast communication all the way and with a great end result. Highly recommended!
Stefan Høyrup
Stefan Høyrup
Super service og prof resultat. Har fået trykt 100 vinyler hos dem og de har været super gode til at hjælpe mig gennem processen og så er jeg mega glad for det færdige resultat, som sidder lige skabet og er mega flot/lyder godt


RPM Records is one of the few pressing plants offering short-run vinyl pressings for independent artists and labels and the highest level of customization to fulfill individual needs. Being a small pressing plant allows us to process every order with extra precision. Our team continuously listens to records during production and visually inspects every record before packing and shipping. Our small but efficient team responds instantly and takes care of your orders on a personal level.


We all share responsibility when it comes to taking care of the environment. It is up to us to ensure that sustainability is part of our daily lives. That is why we make sure to take every measure possible regarding recycling and reusing material used in our record production here at RPM Records.


Passion, love, and attention to quality in music is our primary goal while working with something we love. Our endless record collections have taught us a lot about how vinyl should sound – and how it should not. Contributing to our customers’ collections with carefully inspected records makes us truly happy. To us, music needs to be listened to, not shuffled through or skipped entirely. This is why we have chosen to devote ourselves to keeping the physical music format alive.

*2-3 months waiting period for test pressings
We will produce your order within one month after the test pressing is approved.
Test pressings are obligatory and are included in the price of the vinyl.
Due to the increasing uncertainty revolving around the current status of European raw materials and supply goods,
especially concerning gas, electricity, PVC, and cardboard.
We are updating our prices 1:1 with our suppliers. We, therefore, reserve the right to amend quotation prices and final invoices.


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