We believe in a sustainable future of vinyl record production. When everything nowadays is so massively manufactured and polluted, we as a factory take responsibility in lowering pollution rates while working with sustainable technology.  Decreasing waste and production times benefits our customers, as they will experience a shorter turnaround time (14 days) for their vinyl release. Furthermore, by decreasing waste and production times, less energy is used compared to older/less advanced pressing plants. This means “RPM Records” does not pollute as much as other not fully automated record vinyl pressing facility.


Why we press vinyl? Passion, love and attention to quality in music is our main goal, whilst working with something we truly love. Our endless record collections have taught us a lot about how vinyl should sound – and how it should not. Contributing to our customers’ collections with carefully inspected records is something that makes us truly happy. To us, music is something that needs to be listened to, not shuffled through or skipped entirely. This is why we have chosen to devote ourselves to keeping physical music alive.


“RPM Records’” pressing plant is devoted to the timeless vinyl record traditions. With increasing demands for vinyl records and industry needs for an improved turnaround/production time, we are dedicated to lift production standards with sustainable technology to a modern era. Therefore, our manufacturing operations will be a reflection of leading machinery on the market, employees committed to a deep understanding of record production methods, and environmental friendly practices in every form possible.


To achieve our ambition of enhancing the vinyl record production, we have invested in the most innovative technology. Our machine continuously conducts reliable quality checks using A.D.A.P.T ™ platform, generates the lowest pollution rates available, and produces the most efficient output. The closed water pipe system in our machine reuses the same water for heating, meaning no water is wasted before, after or during the production.


The pressing machine WarmTone is characterised by Canadian expertise and know-how. “Viryl Technologies” has optimised the original vinyl record press with a cutting-edge and eco-friendly water cooling system, fully-automatic workflow mode, low PVC spill statistics, ground-breaking online interface, and a 20 second cycle time on a vinyl record.

Workflow features:

  • Safety guarding
  • Removeable label cartridges
  • Quick-release stampers
  • Quick-release hopper
  • Quick purge extruder
  • Dual trimming and stacking station
  • Removeable stack spindles
  • Automated cooling plates
  • Semi-automatic mode for custom runs
  • System touch interface
  • Fault recovery and log

Our record press comes with the most efficient record mold that has (an?) optimised steam labyrinth.


A.D.A.P.T TM is an innovative platform that enables us to administer the finest quality checks in the record pressing industry. The machines are equipped with the capability to pull data from every key part of the pressing process, allowing us to solve problems that occur in the machine way faster.


Quality control. Every record is carefully inspected before packaging, and a random record check is done during the production, where the record is listened to from the beginning to the end.

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