RPM Records is a one stop shop for your physical media needs. Here you can make vinyl, cd, cassette, print posters or band merchandise and order professional audio services. Our team will help to move from an idea to a final product smoothly and bring more good music to the world.


Vinyl Pressing

12 10 7 inch formats
Standard & Heavyweight
Color, Split & Splatter
Recycled or Biovinyl
EP, LP & Boxsets
Audiophile Editions



Gatefold & Boxsets
Glossy, Mat, Reverse Covers
UV finish and special effects
Posters & Booklets
Vinyl Etching


CD & Cassette

CD & Cassette Production
Jewel & Slimline Cases
Digipaks & Paper Sleeves
Printed Jackets & Wallets
Color Cassette Shells


Audio Pro

Analog & Digital Mastering
Audio Restoration
Mixing for Vinyl
Lacquer & DMM Cutting
Acetate & Lathe Cuts



Audio Consultation
Graphic Design
Local Distribution
Download Codes
Worldwide Export



Vinyl Slipmats
Screen Printed Apparel
Custom Tote Bags
Band & Art Posters
Leaflets & Stickers




Frequently Asked Questions

Does bio-vinyl sound the same as conventional PVC?

Yes, bio-vinyl sounds the same as conventional PVC, it is as durable and is less sensitive to static discharge. Moreover, bio-vinyl is made from recycled sunflower oil and is 100% recyclable.

Do you master for vinyl and streaming?

Yes, we master all formats in addition to a vinyl master. If you purchase mastering, you will get Vinyl, CD, and Streaming master all for the price of one.

Can you screen print t-shirts and hoodies?

Absolutely, you can order t-shirts, hoodies and posters with custom design.